Ilias Chrysovergis


Ilias Chrysovergis studied Electrical & Computer Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he specialized in Telecommunications and graduated with a five-year Diploma. He also holds an MSc degree on Communications and Signal Processing from Imperial College London. During his university years, he founded and participated in a plethora of teams, where he worked on a variety of topics, from designing the telemetry and electronics system of a low-consumption vehicle to developing a Virtual Reality (VR) application dealing with the problem of bullying. He excelled in most of his endeavours, winning awards in Porto, Hong Kong and the USA, participating in conferences and events in Greece and abroad and applied for a US patent with his team AMANDA, for the VR tool they developed, which was issued in 2018. In the PAINLESS project he will conduct research on how stochastic geometry and machine learning can be utilized in wireless powered backscattering communications.


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