Muhammad Haroon Tariq


Mr. Muhammad Haroon Tariq is a researcher at ALBA, hosted in the Research, Technology and Innovation Network (RTIN)’s Smart Wireless Future Technologies (SWIFT) Lab. He studied Electrical Engineering with majors in Telecommunication from COMSATS University Islamabad in 2011, where his final year project was on compact antenna design for LTE applications. He obtained his Masters degree from the NUST-Military College of signals in 2014, with his MS thesis was devoted to the topic of microwave beamforming using frequency selective surfaces. From Nov. 2015 to Dec. 2016 he was a post graduate researcher at Frederick University in Nicosia, Cyprus, where he worked on dynamically reconfigurable RF devices and SWIPT systems. He is currently an early stage researcher for the European ITN Project PAINLESS, for which he works on the topic of energy-autonomous portable access points. His research interests include microwave engineering, wireless communication systems, electromagnetic theory, radio wave propagation, antenna design, RF design and energy harvesting, among others. He has published two journal and two conference papers on these topics and was the recipient of an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. He has earned the 1st place in an all-Pakistan Electronics Olympiad and the 2nd place in an all-Pakistan Entrepreneurship Forum, both in 2011.​

Research updates – Period 1

PAAs with a single radio frequency (RF) chain have been used to enable new trends and paradigms for multi-antenna transmission. Significant reduction in hardware complexity, size and cost can be obtained with single-RF PAAs, as only the active element (AE) is directly connected to the voltage through an RF connection. The performance of a PAA can be further enhanced for multi-antenna transmission by increasing its number of AEs, thus creating a MAMP antenna array. The problem of finding the desired tunable loads for parasitic elements (PEs) involves ensuring that the array will radiate. In this work we derived the conditions for which the MAMP will radiate.




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