Communication & Dissemination


1. M. Al-Jarrah, A. Al-Dweik, S. S. Ikki and E. Alsusa, “Spectrum-Occupancy Aware Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Using Adaptive Detection,” in IEEE Systems Journal, doi: 10.1109/JSYST.2019.2922773.

2. M. Al-Jarrah, E. Alsusa, and A. Al-Dweik, “Decision Fusion for Power Constrained Wireless Body Sensor Networks with Amplify and Forward Relays,” the 3rd International Workshop on IoT Enabling Technologies in Healthcare in ICC2020, Dublin, Ireland. (Accepted)

 3. M. Al-Jarrah, A. Al-Dweik, and E. Alsusa, “On the Performance of Downlink NOMA Systems over HyperRayleigh Fading Channels,” ICCSPA2020, Sharjah, UAE. (Accepted)


Standard contributions

A. Garcia-Rodriguez, D. Lopez-Perez, L. Galati Giordano, O. Alanen, M. Kasslin, E. de Carvalho Rodrigues, and E. Rantala, “Performance of parameterized spatial reuse (PSR) with coordinated beamforming/null steering for 802.11be,” IEEE 802.11-20/0091r2, Jan. 2020.


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